Invasion Day Riddim 
Sven Simulacrum

Bon Scott–Baile Funk–Duppy–Chutney–Jungle
Mashes AC/DC, ocker culture and all the connotations of Aussies going “Oi!” into cheerful concréte subversion. Sample checking a host street riddims from subcultures across the UK, the Caribbean, Brazil and the Balkans.

Stealth sonic thoughtware that jacks into Australia's cultural chaosmosis’

Wire MC (Gangsta Desi Fix)
Take a radio rip of the “energenitical Abodigital” Wire MC, fuse it to a dhol frenzy Bally Sagoo loop, and add a furious dose of the Grandmaster Flash – BOOM! South Asia comes to South Sydney – joined at the bass via the nation of hip hop and a shared experience of British colonialism. Imagine P.E. production crew, the Bomb Squad, if they wore turbans.
Kuno Kini / Nova / Sven Simulacrum

Kuno Kini's non–traditional approach to traditonal music gets the full bomb drop bashment treatment. MC Nova stands up, drops bass and wriggles for your riots.

Bangin beats that bash your brains! Hot, steamy, powerful, fresh and piercing jungle rap shit that makes ya krump – The only song worth playing at parties this summer’ 
Ultra Violet MC

Arek Malang Kudu Seneng
Nova / MC SBY / Toto Tewel / Sven Simulacrum
Indonesian MC Nova rides a riddim cut hot from the licks of her Rock God father, Toto Tewel. A tongue-in-cheek swipe at Arema culture, Arek Malang asks the youth of East Java to ‘transform the physical violence into a positive vibe.’ Extra spit straight from the lips of the ever controversial MC SBY.
Wire MC

Born to perform. Wire's been doing his thing for more than a minute now breaking new ground with his ‘Bowra-Mission-HipHop-1Drop-Bush-Reggae-Music’. From rockin inner city pubs & clubs to outback shacks, Wire has been bringin it Live & takin it ‘B.L.A.C.K.’ to the people as a ‘Modern Day Corroboree’.


Nova is one half of TwinSista – the seminal female hip hop outfit from East Java, Indonesia. TwinSista released their first album, Mother of Nature in 2003. In March 2007 Nova recorded her first solo single, Dikawinkan Alam which for the compilation Hip Hop Poetry Battle. Nova came to Australia in early 2008 as part of Gang Festival, successfuly touring and collaborating with a number of Austtralian producers and artists.

Kuno Kini

‘These days, most young people make music to the standard of Western culture. We like to try something different, with our roots in Indonesian culture. We blend traditional, foreign and modern instruments, combining traditional sounds with the music of today, to create something unique.The name Kuno Kini represents our music and our philosophy. Kuno means traditional and Kini means now. With traditional instruments we make modern music, to remind people what they have forgot – our own ethnic music.’

KunoKini are Adhi Bhisma W. (Bhismo), Astari Achiel (Bebi), M. N. F. (Firzi) and Akbar Nugraha (Akbar)


Sven Simulacrum

Genre Bender/Slasher Selecta/Cut N Paste/Cultural Cannibalist

All photos Alimander